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A Simple Guide to Buying A Sound System – 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

There are a lot of major keys in life. Options are one of them. Shoutout to DJ Khaled! Navigating through all the best audio system options out there can be a bit troublesome if you don’t do your homework beforehand. A sound system is an output device that plays audio through a medium. Speakers are probably the most known example of a sound system. Some people buy speakers that cost more than their cars. That’s simply because they have a personal preference, a wide budget and conviction. Before you start the search for your ideal audio system and components, survey yourself. Ask yourself; what do you need the sound device for, how “big” of a sound system do you want, how much money are you willing to spend, what kind of room do you want to place the sound system in and what features do you want included? The goal here is to find the best sound systems that suits you and your listening needs. Below I’ve made a simple guide that describes some standard guidelines to follow when buying a quality sound system.

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you’re in a rush, you can check out a ton of highly reviewed sound systems here.

Here’s an early tip: Usually, the best sound systems to buy are heavier than lower quality ones.

  1. What Will You Use The Sound System For?

Bookshelf Speakers – You don’t need a huge speaker to get a great sound. If you aren’t too particular in sound quality, a simple pair of bookshelf speakers may be exactly what you need. These are good sound systems for listening to casual music playing or even getting a bigger sound from your TV. It’s a good thing to keep your listening habits in mind, though. Over-thinking your needs can result in an impulse buy. A bookshelf speaker usually doesn’t have the most dynamic range, so the bass playing from the sound system may not be too present. This probably won’t be an issue if your a casual listener. If you decide to buy a bookshelf speaker as your primary sound system, you may want to invest in a  subwoofer as well. Here are a few ideas of sound systems that are perfect for simple tasks.


Subwoofer– What is a subwoofer? A subwoofer is a sound system component that provides a low bass frequency for the sound system it is connected to. This allows you to increase and decrease the bass of the output sound. Subwoofers are sometimes sold separate but may also be included with a sound system. Most of the best sound systems include a subwoofer to assure a fuller sound. To see some subwoofer for your bass needs, click here.


Wireless Sound Systems (Bluetooth Connectivity) – Everything is wireless these days. Some sound systems for your home also have wireless technology built into them that allow you to control them from your personal device. For example, you buy a wireless sound system for your bedroom; when you’re walking downstairs to the kitchen, you can still change the song to what you want from a distance. Convenience is everything. Usually, Bluetooth is the connection used through a phone, laptop, iPad, or tablet to stream audio to a wireless audio system. Imagine you having your own theme music whenever you walk into a room. It’s your home, why not? Click here to see a list of some great wireless speakers.

Monitors – Now, if you’re more of a detailed listener, you may want to look into buying a pair of monitors. These come in all sizes, ranging from bookshelf speaker sizes to actual bookshelf sizes, ironically. Monitors provide a dynamic sound compared to ordinary speakers and convenient sound systems. When looking into buying a sound system, speaker set, or a pair of monitors, choose a size that you’re comfortable with. Many monitors on the market include a subwoofer to compensate for more bass. I would suggest buying a pair of studio monitors for an apartment that’s well furnished. Just adding my .2 cents. You can find a wide variety here.



Sound Bars – Say you’re a TV person. I prefer HULU and Netflix but we all have our vices. Anyway, if you want to increase the presence of your TV watching and movie-cramming, you should look into buying a sound bar for your home. Sound bars are sound system components that will enhance the audio output of your TV. If I had an option to not settle with the speakers in the TV, I’d definitely go with a sound bar.










Surround Sound Systems – Who doesn’t love a good movie? You can do better than a simple movie night if you buy a surround sound system for your home space. With a great surround sound system for your living room, you’ll have to make sure you lock the door before you turn on a good horror flick. Hook up a smooth subwoofer and you’ve got yourself your own personal cinema you might have to think twice about before leaving. A live sound stage for your home is just a click away.










Multiroom Sound Systems – Sound can be a very picky thing to discuss. A room effects how sound is perceived and has a big influence on its delivery. Multiroom sound systems for your home can fix this issue. Instead of having one speaker or monitor in a single room, you can hear the difference throughout your home with multiple speakers spread throughout it. The speakers that come along with many multiroom sound systems are either wireless with Bluetooth connectivity or wired allowing distance between the sound sources. Some of the top sound systems for your home will most definitely be along the lines of a multiroom system that delivers audio throughout the entire house instead of one isolated area. Don’t limit yourself; check out some of the best multiroom sound systems available here.


2. Space and Sound – How Does A Room Influence A Sound System?

dolby-surround-sound-640x0 homeaudio home-theater-design

Room – Think about the size of the room you want your sound system to be placed in. Now, imagine the room completely empty. This is how you will determine the best place to rest your sound system. Even the top sound systems are consistent with this rule. Small, narrow rooms are not the best environment for big speakers. This is because the sound frequencies clash due to the small amount of space the sound has to travel. This will make the sound quality of your audio very muddy. A large room that is more open can really add presence to the sound system but if they are small and low quality the sound will be small as well. This is why large speakers, monitors and surround sound systems are normally reserved for a living room setting. A room needs a wide atmosphere to allow the sound to come alive and present a good reverb.

Corners – You’ve gotta admit, the small things really make a difference when you’re talking about sound and what influences it. Let’s say you buy a Bluetooth powered sound system for your dining room. You may decide to place it in a corner to conserve space and to keep the speakers out of the way. Corners play a big part in sound because the walls in between the speakers can clutter the sound and reduce the bass that you paid so much for. In this case, a set of bookself speakers are just fine but if you were to replace it with a subwoofer or a floor-standing speaker with full range, you probably wouldn’t get the sound you paid for.

Floors and Walls – This part can be fun but a little tricky. Floors and walls are rivals of sound. Sound cannot win a fight against large, smooth surfaces that reflect it, so we have to find a way around that. To know if the room you want to place your ideal sound system is suitable for the task, walk into the middle of the room and clap very loud. If you hear echoes, then that room probably isn’t the best option. This is because sound reduces when it bounces off of hard surfaces. To fix this, place your sound system in a room with furniture, decor, clothing, and all that good stuff to keep your sound quality present.


3. Mini Pricing Guide to Choosing a Great Sound System – How Much Do The Best Sound Systems Cost? 


Truthfully, this is a subjective topic. It’s hard to tell someone how much they should spend on something. The good thing is, even the best sound systems available vary throughout all price ranges. Price is a factor when buying anything and you shouldn’t crack your pockets just for a good sound speaker. There is a solution for almost any kind of budget.

$50-$100 – For less than $100, you can easily find bookshelf speakers, affordable wireless sound devices and sound systems on the market for your listening needs. These are suitable for simple music playback, TV sound enhancement and something nice for the kids to have. The sound quality of these systems are generally low but its more than enough for a simple room set up.

$100-$300 – Between the range of $100 and $300, we start to see some of the known players in the game. For a few hundred bucks, without issue you can find some top sound systems for your home that will shake the entire house. Usually, a subwoofer and possibly a receiver are included in these buys. These would be more than capable to play music at good quality while also being able to produce some great theatrical sound whenever a good movie is on. High quality audio from sound systems like these will satisfy you without a doubt.

$300-$1000 – Now these are the big boys. When we start talking about sound systems that cost $300 and above, were discussing some really clean sound quality that can’t be reached in the lower price ranges. If you intend to invest a few more bucks into your home sound system, by all means, find your perfect match! For this amount, you can find some of the best wireless sound systems, highly reviewed surround sound systems and top monitors and speakers around.

$1000(+) – If you build it, they will come. I’ve yet to buy a sound system for my home that has cost me more than $400. Even while producing music, I only need but so much sound. However, there are definitely options out there if you want to invest in making your home more of a live setting. If you decide to purchase a sound system $1000 and higher, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have sound quality and convenience that is hard to rival. Quite the investment for a settled home.

Money wise, you get what you pay for when buying any sound system. This is something to appreciate. You can hear and even feel the difference between a system worth $50 and one worth $300.


4. What Can We Consider “The Best Sound Systems”?

Sorry, but there is no true answer to this question. This is because I can’t tell you what to like. The best sound systems in the world aren’t determined by price, build, brand or any of that jazz. WHAT YOU CONSIDER THE BEST, IS BEST. Opinions cant be measured by an amount. I might enjoy a simple bookshelf speaker that’s good enough to stream a Pink Floyd Album from my computer for an intimate sound. However, you may want to listen to the new Lemonade album from Beyonce’ on a full theater setup in the center of your house. Quality wise, price matters . You literally get what you pay for. So next time you’re out at Best Buy or on Amazon.com, look through some of the best selling sound systems and you’ll be sure to find some great products. Thank’s for your time everybody! Until next time!